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Seattle’s Pay Experiment: $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage

As a compensation professional I have found the political debate regarding Seattle’s newly-approved $15/hour minimum wage fascinating.  Strong opinions have been expressed, both for and against.  I’ve heard everything from “It’s not enough; minimum wage should be $20 an hour!” to “This is going to force me to close my business.”   Political history provides […]

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Employee Engagement is the New Black

Much has been said about employee engagement over the last few years as companies focus on maximizing employee productivity. Companies, regardless of their ability to bring in new talent, should be nurturing the talent they have. Data suggests that as a company’s employee engagement increases, so does its bottom line. Unfortunately, many companies are challenged […]

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IT Jobs Show Huge Growth in June

  It’s a great time to be an IT professional! According to the June 2013 U.S. Employment numbers by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the IT sector saw a rise of 18,200 jobs, more than 8.400 jobs more than the previous month.  These new jobs have primarily been found in the Management and Technical Consulting […]

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Compensation Trends 2014

  While the economy has been improving and unemployment dropping over the past year, questions on how to retain top talent and the ongoing challenge to manage benefit costs have employers taking a cautious stance while setting salary budgets for 2014.  We will be providing a more detailed analysis upon the completion of the annual […]

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Give Your Health & Retirement Benefits a Check-Up

Give Your Health & Retirement Benefits a Check-Up Many companies find summer to be a good time to review the performance of their insurance benefits and retirement plans.  When assessing these critical components of your total rewards program, you would be wise to look at three major performance areas – employee satisfaction, cost effectiveness and […]

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