Pay Transparency

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Trending: Pay Transparency Trying to find an appropriate balance when discussing how you determine pay and what an employee’s earning potential is, can be tough. As we continue to see concerns about wage gaps, pay inequities and miscommunications, organizations have an excellent opportunity to share more information about how compensation programs are designed and

Effective Communication: Is it time for a Communication Audit?

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Do you know if your employee communication is effective? Conducting a communications audit can be a great way to find an answer to that vital question. The audit process is an excellent opportunity to highlight strengths, find opportunities for efficiencies, shape content strategy and uncover any possible weaknesses. Why is effective communication so important?

Trending Perks: Remote Work Environments

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Trending Perks: Remote Work Environments One of the most significant perk trends we have seen over the past year, and expect to see more of in the future, is a flexible work environment. Remote work has become easier thanks to technological advances and increased mobility. This trend is prompting organizations to explore new ways

Celebrating the Multi-Generational Workforce

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More boomers are working past retirement age. Tech-savvy millennials will make up 50% of our workforce by 2020. Gen Z’s are graduating and entering the workforce. With a mix of generations comes distinct differences in values and work styles. These differences can fuel miscommunications or cause angst, but with the right mindset, different generations

Increases in Healthcare Costs Outpace Wages and Inflation

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We continue to see healthcare costs rise at an incredible pace, placing an additional burden on employees. As an employer, it is important to understand this trend and how it affects your workforce and to look for ways to balance costs to remain competitive. A few of the facts: Aon's 2019 Global Medical Trend

Inform, Engage & Inspire: How to Communicate Effectively

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I have seen a great deal of debate about whether internal communication teams should report up thru Human Resources (HR) or should reside within an organization’s corporate communications team. You are in luck! I’m not planning to have that same debate. I am here to say that having a communications team somewhere within an

Focus on Employee Engagement

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Much has been said about employee engagement over the last few years as companies focus on maximizing employee productivity. Companies, regardless of their ability to bring in new talent, should nurture the talent they have. Data suggests that as a company’s employee engagement increases, so does the bottom line. Unfortunately, many companies are challenged

Compensation Planning & Salary Structure

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It is the time of year when many organizations plan next year’s merit budget and salary structure adjustments. Perhaps you have read articles about how merit budgets are eking up from the historical 3%. It is essential to know the trends within the industry to plan precisely. Depending on your organization’s industry, the expected

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Pay Equity

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Barely a day goes by without some mention of equitable pay.  Whether it’s in the news or a briefing from a legal firm or HR society, there is quite a bit of buzz about pay equity – and for good reason: The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) published a report based on the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data showing that women earn 80 cents for