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Create Confidence in Your Compensation Program

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Do you know if your company’s pay is competitive in the marketplace? Are you dealing with high turnover, or are you unable to recruit and retain top talent? Your employees are watching the market.  Can you explain to them why your compensation remains competitive? Are you sure that you are paying people fairly and

Washington State Implements Salary History Ban

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In early May, the Washington state governor signed the Washington Equal Pay and Opportunities Act (EPOA). This act imposes pay transparency requirements that go beyond most other pay equity laws and will likely affect most employers in our state. Here’s what you need to know: The EPOA prohibits Washington employers from inquiring about an

Pay Transparency

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Trending: Pay Transparency Trying to find an appropriate balance when discussing how you determine pay and what an employee’s earning potential is, can be tough. As we continue to see concerns about wage gaps, pay inequities and miscommunications, organizations have an excellent opportunity to share more information about how compensation programs are designed and

Focus on Employee Engagement

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Much has been said about employee engagement over the last few years as companies focus on maximizing employee productivity. Companies, regardless of their ability to bring in new talent, should nurture the talent they have. Data suggests that as a company’s employee engagement increases, so does the bottom line. Unfortunately, many companies are challenged

Compensation Planning & Salary Structure

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It is the time of year when many organizations plan next year’s merit budget and salary structure adjustments. Perhaps you have read articles about how merit budgets are eking up from the historical 3%. It is essential to know the trends within the industry to plan precisely. Depending on your organization’s industry, the expected

Re-thinking Pay Entitlements

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Challenge: An organization with long-tenured employees had hundreds of different job titles and were receiving significant complaints about internal equity. Solution Deployed: We conducted a complete assessment of the compensation program. As a part of this assessment, we identified necessary changes that needed to be made to the pay plan. More than $500,000 in

Compensation Structure Redux

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Challenge: A biotech organization requested our assistance to achieve the following goals: Review existing strategies, practices and policies related to compensation across the organization Develop a robust compensation structure that could be implemented and executed consistently for the next several years Provide guidance and recommendations for implementing recommended changes Assist in the development of

Pros and Cons of a Salary Structure

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While having a salary structure is not required, having one certainly helps to control costs and plan for the future. From the perspective of a compensation professional, here are a few pros and cons to implementing a salary structure and job grades in your organization. Let’s start with the bad news first.

Implementing Geographic Pay

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With significant advances in technology and the availability of reliable internet service, professionals in every industry have the flexibility to work virtually anywhere. Distributed workforces with teams of employees and managers in different cities are increasingly common. The result of this increasingly global workforce is twofold: employers enjoy increased flexibility to search more broadly

Growing Pains: How to Remain Competitive in the Market

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As small companies grow and add employees, the human resource practices that may have worked in the past may need more defined processes to attain company goals. A recent client had been hiring elite software developers and grouping the new employees into a single engineering job title regardless of skills or experience. A small