Compensation Philosophy Negotiation

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Challenge: A Board of Directors disagreed about whether pay levels of the executive team were appropriate. A discussion with the Board revealed that each Board member was bringing different values and expectations to the pay review process. Solution Deployed: We walked the Board through a Compensation Philosophy development process and tool that allowed the

Re-thinking Pay Entitlements

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Challenge: An organization with long-tenured employees had hundreds of different job titles and were receiving significant complaints about internal equity. Solution Deployed: We conducted a complete assessment of the compensation program. As a part of this assessment, we identified necessary changes that needed to be made to the pay plan. More than $500,000 in

CEO Pay Negotiation

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Challenge: After five very successful years, the CEO’s employment agreement was coming up for renewal. The CEO asked us to provide him with information that he could use during his negotiation with the owners and the Board. Solution Deployed: Rather than provide the CEO with salary information, we recommended engaging the Board in a

Competitive CEO Compensation

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Challenge: With a critical business transition looming, there was concern that the CEO was at risk of leaving and that the pay package was not competitive with current market rates. Solution Deployed: We conducted a thorough analysis of base pay, short-term incentives, long-term incentives (equity equivalent) and perquisites. Target pay rates were identified based

Compensation Structure Redux

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Challenge: A biotech organization requested our assistance to achieve the following goals: Review existing strategies, practices and policies related to compensation across the organization Develop a robust compensation structure that could be implemented and executed consistently for the next several years Provide guidance and recommendations for implementing recommended changes Assist in the development of

Growing Pains + Internet Salary Data

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Challenge: A high-tech company had grown to a point where it was no longer feasible to have one or two individuals making pay decisions for the whole organization. Some employees were bringing salary information they had researched online and were starting to ask questions about how pay decisions occurred. It was increasingly difficult to

Pay-For-Performance Model

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Challenge: A large heavily unionized organization wanted to move to a pay-for-performance model for their non-union staff. There was concern that moving to a pay-for-performance model could result in additional unionization and resistance to change. Solution Deployed: We conducted a thorough assessment of the organization’s compensation practices and perceptions. Through a series of interviews,

Discrimination and Internal Pay Equity Challenges

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Challenge: A professional services client was managing their pay differently in different parts of the organization. Concerns about pay discrimination and internal equity drove the need for implementation of an organization-wide and consistently administered compensation plan. Managers were fearful of change and needed training, mentoring and communications support to help navigate the new system.

Payroll Practice Inconsistency

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Challenge: Our client was concerned that employees were not being paid according to Human Resource (HR) policies and state and federal labor laws and regulations. Solution Deployed: We conducted a full audit of the client’s payroll practices, examining all payroll calculations, application of HR and payroll policies to actual payroll payments made, and segregation

Competitive Pay Practice + Compensation Communication

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Challenge: A client had no framework in place to determine if pay practices were competitive with the market, and managers were not savvy about administering and communicating compensation. Solution Deployed: We researched available salary survey sources and recommended the best surveys for our client. We worked with managers to update job descriptions and benchmarked