Executive Compensation

Compensation Philosophy Negotiation

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Challenge: A Board of Directors disagreed about whether pay levels of the executive team were appropriate. A discussion with the Board revealed that each Board member was bringing different values and expectations to the pay review process. Solution Deployed: We walked the Board through a Compensation Philosophy development process and tool that allowed the

CEO Pay Negotiation

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Challenge: After five very successful years, the CEO’s employment agreement was coming up for renewal. The CEO asked us to provide him with information that he could use during his negotiation with the owners and the Board. Solution Deployed: Rather than provide the CEO with salary information, we recommended engaging the Board in a

Competitive CEO Compensation

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Challenge: With a critical business transition looming, there was concern that the CEO was at risk of leaving and that the pay package was not competitive with current market rates. Solution Deployed: We conducted a thorough analysis of base pay, short-term incentives, long-term incentives (equity equivalent) and perquisites. Target pay rates were identified based