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Pay Transparency

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Trending: Pay Transparency Trying to find an appropriate balance when discussing how you determine pay and what an employee’s earning potential is, can be tough. As we continue to see concerns about wage gaps, pay inequities and miscommunications, organizations have an excellent opportunity to share more information about how compensation programs are designed and

Growing Pains + Internet Salary Data

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Challenge: A high-tech company had grown to a point where it was no longer feasible to have one or two individuals making pay decisions for the whole organization. Some employees were bringing salary information they had researched online and were starting to ask questions about how pay decisions occurred. It was increasingly difficult to

Pay-For-Performance Model

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Challenge: A large heavily unionized organization wanted to move to a pay-for-performance model for their non-union staff. There was concern that moving to a pay-for-performance model could result in additional unionization and resistance to change. Solution Deployed: We conducted a thorough assessment of the organization’s compensation practices and perceptions. Through a series of interviews,

Payroll Practice Inconsistency

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Challenge: Our client was concerned that employees were not being paid according to Human Resource (HR) policies and state and federal labor laws and regulations. Solution Deployed: We conducted a full audit of the client’s payroll practices, examining all payroll calculations, application of HR and payroll policies to actual payroll payments made, and segregation

Subsidiary Sell Off

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Challenge: Our client had two owners. Owner One sold their ownership percentage to Owner Two. As a result, Owner Two also gained full ownership of a division of our client’s company with approximately 30 employees. Owner Two planned to absorb the company fully into their operations. Our client’s Human Resources (HR) department lacked the